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The Center for the Advancement of Capitalism is dedicated to advancing individual rights and economic freedom through Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. Browse our website for the Center's articles and essays, opportunities for activism and more.
:: Capitalism, Individual Rights and the Law

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. As the capitalist's amicus curiae, the Center monitors the US Supreme Court and other key courts for cases that impact the individual rights of the American people.
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:: The Philosophy of Freedom
Capitalism is the only moral social system, yet it cannot be advanced without a proper philosophic foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions of Capitalism
Get the answers to common questions and concerns about capitalism.
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The Businessman's Self-Defense Kit
Understanding how the principle of individual rights applies to our economic relationships is the first step in defending our right to the fruits of our productivity.
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:: The Capitalist's Book Club
If you seek to fully understand the case for capitalism and individual rights, here's where to start. Read expert reviews, browse CAC's recommended readings list and buy books online—we offer it all.

The Capitalist Manifesto
A host of books have been published seeking to explain various aspects of the capitalist system, yet never before has there been a single volume that presented the historical origins, moral justification, and practical success of capitalism.
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The Abolition of Antitrust
The choice of “Abolition” in the title of this book is a powerful inclusion—it seeks to place the repeal of antitrust on the same moral ground as the repeal of slavery during the American Civil War. As such, this book will be anathema to any who see no connection between values and economics because The Abolition of Antitrust serves as both a primer and as a call to arms.
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