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:: Recent Editorials ::

7/15/12: Thomas Ricks Wants Your Kids

Just when you thought the government was finished scheduling your life and mapping out how you can become an exemplar of gung-ho "giving back" citizenship, another Pulitzer Prize winner concocts still another scheme to best exploit your life, time, and energies.
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7/11/12: The Leftist-Islamic Alliance Against Freedom of Speech

Robert Spencer, a tireless defender of freedom and the freedom of speech against Islam, was attacked recently in the New York Daily News and charged with having "inspired" Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik to go on his killing spree in July 2011.
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7/03/12: A Clash of Supremacies over Obamacare

Before Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, wrote the majority opinion upholding the alleged constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (on one hand, denying its constitutionality under the Commerce Clause, but, on the other, sanctioning the individual mandate as a tax Congress has the power to impose), otherwise known as Obamacare (ADA), several states had announced that they would refuse to implement the law or conform to its specific provisions.
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6/29/12: The Supreme Court's 'Declaratory Act'

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, wrote the majority opinion upholding the alleged constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare. Obamacare will compel, under penalty of a monetary payment, all Americans to purchase health insurance.
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6/27/12: Ludwig von Mises's 'Omnipotent Government': A Primer on Statism

Given today's political circumstances, in which this country, in November, will either reject the boisterous, crude, arrogant statism of the current administration in favor of one that will consume the country at a less gluttonous rate (thus allowing champions of freedom to marshal their intellectual and political forces), or submit to a suicidal sanctioning of its demise, I thought it would be timely to revisit a classic that over half a century ago projected the consequences of omnivorous statism, Ludwig von Mises's Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War.
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6/16/12: The Bedlam of Statism

Is statism bipolar? Schizophrenic? Autistic? Obsessive-compulsive? Multi-phobic? Inherently dysfunctional? Psychotically antisocial? A form of dementia? A narcissistic personality disorder? A kind of panic or anxiety disorder? Just plain maladaptive? Or all of the preceding? This column will enter the mad house of statism and explore its various wards.
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6/10/12: Book Review: 'Nothing Less Than Victory' by John David Lewis

In each of the armed conflicts that he illustrates, classicist John David Lewis economically dwells on military strategies of opponents, but places far more importance on the moral force, or lack of it, that guides one side to victory and the other to defeat.
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5/30/12: Watch What You Say: A Guide for Dhimmis

Feeling a need to humor myself, and casting about for a way to cock a snook at the Department of Homeland Security and The Transportation Security Administration (in German, Die Abteilung der Heimatland-Sicherheit, and Die Transport-Sicherheitsverwaltung, one click of the heels and raised right arm, palm down, required for pronunciation, if you can manage it) and strike a blow for freedom of speech and the First and Fourth Amendments, the DHS provided me with a salubrious vehicle.
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5/23/12: Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may be used in the commission of an actual felony, as well as guns, knives, one's fists, or any other physical object. But an evolving complement of new chargeable felonies, often appended to legitimate ones, is growing, and if not challenged, will reach a "critical mass" in law that will stifle all realms of speech.
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5/20/12: Facebook Founder Flees Fleecing

Senator Schumer and his grim-faced co-author of the "Ex-Patriot Act" bill, Pennsylvania Democrat, Senator Bob Casey, are "globalists." That is, they wish to pursue "tax dodgers" beyond American shores with the full power of the Treasury Department to snare expatriate money squirreled away by its owners to protect it from evangelical thieves like Schumer and Casey and their ilk in Congress and the various Washington satrapies.
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5/12/12: Alias Marx and Alinsky

Calling socialists liberals is as deceptive as calling goose gizzards foie gras. It fools no one but the epistemologically blinkered. The term liberal allows liberals to pose as concerned, generous and forward-thinking individuals and to act under what was once an honorable term for anyone who advocated or endorsed liberty. And as any well-read American knows, liberals do not advocate liberty. Quite the opposite.
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5/6/12: The Peril of 'Hate Crimes'

A totalitarian anti-concept of "justice" has been gnawing away at objective law without correction or opposition, and making rapid progress in a judicial system that has steadily abandoned reason and the protection of individual rights: hate crime.
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:: Archived Editorials & Commentary ::

» Antitrust » Courts and Law » Economic & Tax Policy » Education » Foreign Policy
» Health Care » National Defense » Philosophy, Culture & Politics » Sports

» 7/13/06: Microsoft's surrender
» 6/16/06: Bill Gates—alias George Bailey, alias Mitchell Layton
» 01/08/04: The Year in Antitrust, 2003
» 6/10/03: D.C. Council Proposal Doesn't Protect Physician Rights
» 6/6/03: Antitrust and Amateurism: The NCAA's Dangerous Combination
» 6/3/03: The DOJ's Case Against Mountain Health Care Demands Challenge
» 5/23/03: FCC "Deregulation" Doesn't Go Far Enough
» 5/12/03: Antitrust Enforcers Rewrite First Amendment
» 5/6/03: CAC Chairman Addresses Colorado Physicians
» 5/3/03: CAC Backs Paul Bill to Liberate Physicians
» 4/11/03: Mountain Health Care, R.I.P.
» 3/30/03: FTC Defends the War on Ice Cream
» 3/21/03: Britain Needs to Advocate Individual Rights Consistently
» 3/5/03: Life, Liberty, and Haagen-Dazs
» 2/11/03: Tyranny by Market Definition
» 2/3/03: Financing the Antitrust Racket
» 1/27/03: Appeasing the Public Interest God
» 1/14/03: Price Check on Antitrust
» 12/27/02: Judge Motz and the Antithesis of Law
» 12/12/03: Tonya Harding’s Army
» 10/31/02: The $68,486,679 Question: Is Capitalism Alive?
» 9/4/02: Classless Action Against Microsoft
» 8/30/02: Striking Out Defending Antitrust

Courts & Law
» 12/16/03: The People Versus LaLa Wang
» 11/18/03: Taking the Antitrust Enforcers to Task
» 9/15/03: Businessman Pits Principle Against Politics
» 9/12/03: 'Nike' means ‘victory’ no more
» 6/15/03: Judicial Nomination Fights Are About Power, Not Ideology
» 6/9/03: RAVE Act is a Tool of Fear
» 5/28/03: Rehnquist Just Plain Wrong on Family Leave Law
» 5/19/03: Virginia's Threat to Reproductive Rights
» 4/21/03: Ted Olson's Failed Defense of Commercial Speech
» 3/29/03: Untrustworthy IOLTA Accounts
» 3/10/03: Nike, Free Speech and the Constitution
» 2/27/03: Abortion & Property Rights
» 2/24/03: Supreme Court Blind to Eminent Domain Abuse
» 2/6/03: Zoning and "New" Property Rights
» 1/28/03: The Crusading Lawyers
» 1/23/03: All the Rights but One
» 1/18/03: Bush, Michigan & Morality
» 1/10/03: Standing Up to Racism
» 11/22/02: Uncorrupting Corporate Speech
» 8/15/02: Congress Goes Stark RAVEing Mad
» 8/8/02: Individual Rights Loses a Round to 'Democracy'
» 7/26/02: Happy Birthday, Americans with Disabilities Act
» 7/15/02: Individual Rights and the Supreme Court
» 7/9/02: Appellate Judges Court Anti-Business Mentality
» 6/21/02 Executing the Mentally Retarded
» 6/12/02: Ohio's Gun Nuts

Economic & Tax Policy
» 4/15/03: The April 15th Challenge
» 3/25/03: Supreme Court Supports Property Rights by Popular Vote
» 3/24/03: The Sin of "Sin Taxes"
» 3/13/03: Killed by the "Living Wage"
» 2/28/03: Romney's $75 Million Extortion Scheme
» 2/25/03: Politicians Gouge Gas Producers
» 1/8/03: The Future of "Public" Radio
» 1/3/03: New York Times Co. v. Private Property
» 12/13/02: Rich People Should Sacrifice More
» 11/19/02: On An Americanized Islam: Evading the Prohibitions on Usury
» 10/6/02: Solar Power: Blinded by the Light
» 9/19/02: Altruism and Chocolate
» 9/7/02: GOP Shows Their True Colors on Hershey Sale
» 8/22/02: Will Government Interference Ruin Internet Radio?
» 8/13/02: Patriotic Companies Crossing the Delaware
» 8/12/02: FCC Tunes Out Consumers
» 7/31/02 Phony Patriotism
» 7/29/02: Real Treason: The War Against Business
» 7/23/02: Ayn Rand's Failed Student
» 7/17/02: Where the Real Accountability Lies
» 7/2/02: Real Patriotism: Congress vs. Tax Havens
» 6/25/02: Will Bush Trip over Pears?
» 6/20/02: Amtrak: The Perpetual Failure Machine
» 6/17/02 Corporate Taxes
» 6/11/02: It's the Spending Stupid

» 1/26/06: Where Science Ends and Faith Begins
» 2/21/03: Reforming the School Monopoly
» 1/18/03: Bush, Michigan & Morality
» 1/13/03: No Preschooler Left Behind
» 1/10/03: Standing Up to Racism
» 8/26/02: Education vs. Morality
» 6/28/02: Coercing Allegiance to the Flag
» 6/28/02: School Testing Now Includes Drugs

Foreign Policy
» 10/09/06: Boycotting one's self bankrupt
» 8/22/06: The Mind Games of Diplomacy
8/07/06: Our Islamic Nemesis, Then and Now
7/18/06: The 'Provoked Sword' of Israel
» 6/02/06: Neville Chamberlain Redux
2/27/06: A Strategy of Sacrifice, a Reply of Scorn
2/9/06: The Myth of the 'Moderate' Muslim
2/6/06: The Muslims' New Program for Thought Control
» 11/10/04: What If Islam Triumphed?
» 9/10/03: Facing Down North Korea
» 3/20/03: America's "Debt" to the French
» 3/15/03: The Future of Iraq
» 2/26/03: A Dialogue Not Worth Having
» 2/15/03: Iran's Jihad Against Civilization Continues
» 2/14/03: It Is Time to Make A Martyr
» 2/7/03: The Coming Revolution in Iran
» 2/5/03: High Noon at the United Nations
» 1/30/03: An Axis of Valor
» 1/12/03: North Korea Must Dismantle Its Nuclear Facilities
» 1/11/03: The Future of the US-South Korean Alliance
» 10/19/02: The Irrationality of "Rational Actors"
» 10/18/02: Appeasement Never Works
» 9/13/02: Declaring Independence from the UN
» 9/2/03: Mad About Mandela
» 8/21/02: Yet More Tears for Africa

Health Care
» 3/22/06: America’s injustice to Sam Waksal
6/10/03: D.C. Council Proposal Doesn't Protect Physician Rights
» 6/3/03: The DOJ's Case Against Mountain Health Care Demands Challenge
» 5/6/03: CAC Chairman Addresses Colorado Physicians
» 5/3/03: CAC Backs Paul Bill to Liberate Physicians
» 4/11/03: Mountain Health Care, R.I.P.
» 1/29/03: The State of the Union 2003
» 1/2/03: New Senate Leader Must "Do No Harm"

National Defense
9/11/06: Avenge September 11th
» 4/20/06: The Moral Lesson of Hiroshima
3/03/06: Standing up to Kelo, but Surrendering to Jihad
» 2/27/06: A Strategy of Sacrifice, a Reply of Scorn
» 11/10/04: What If Islam Triumphed?
» 9/28/04: Taking the Nihilism of Islamifascism personally
» 9/10/03: Facing Down North Korea
» 5/26/03: A Marine Captain on Why a Free Man Fights
» 4/10/03: The Liberation of Baghdad
» 3/28/03: The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction
» 3/19/03: The Fight for Right and Freedom
» 3/17/03: The Aims and Prosecution of the War with Iraq
» 3/6/03: Will the President's Words Have Weight?
» 2/16/03: Sure, Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda Would Never Work Together
» 2/14/03: It Is Time to Make A Martyr
» 2/10/03: How Will We Know We’ve Won?
» 2/8/03: The Importance of Deterrence
» 2/2/03: A War of Liberation is Always a Just War
» 1/29/03: The State of the Union 2003
» 1/12/03: North Korea Must Dismantle Its Nuclear Facilities
» 1/6/03: No to Reinstating the Military Draft
» 10/18/02: Appeasement Never Works
» 10/15/02: High Tech Tools to Stop the Washington Sniper
» 10/9/02: The Case for Action Against Iraq
» 9/18/02: Why We Must Take Out Iraq
» 9/8/02: One Year Later: Does Bush Really Understand the War?
» 6/7/02: Individualism and Teamwork in Defense of Freedom

Philosophy, Culture & Politics

» 5/2/12: Your Mild-Mannered Speech Therapist: Cass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein, director of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, will not like this column. He may be offended by it. Feel insulted. Cry "not fair!" He may recommend that I be taxed, or financially penalized somehow for expressing unapproved speech, or even incarcerated for having said such awful things about him. He endorses these ideas.

» 4/30/12: The Devil You Say: 'If I Wanted America to Fail'

On April 9th, FreeMarketAmerica.org, a project of Americans for Limited Government, released a Doberman of a video that goes straight for the jugular of stealth socialism and totalitarian government, "If I Wanted America to Fail." Little more than four and a half minutes long, it is powerful, it is unique, it is effective. As of this writing, hits are nearing the two million mark on YouTube.

» 4/21/12: A Renewed Assault on Freedom of Speech

House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi of California and her fellow Democrats wish to “amend” the First Amendment in order to prohibit corporations from saying anything or spending anything during national elections.

» 4/19/12: Comic Books, Hate Crime, and Kafirphobia

What follows is a potpourri of comments I left on various sites over the last few days.

» 4/12/12: Islam’s Affinity with Force and Fraud

Islam’s affinity with force and fraud has no bounds. Its perpetuation and exploitation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a malicious fabrication founded on the lowest form of unreason, has allowed it to emulate the irrationality it purports to oppose.

» 4/6/12: Yes, Nancy, We are Serious

In October 2009, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, astounded by the apparent irrelevance of a reporter’s question about the constitutionality of Obamacare, spoke words that ricocheted off the Constitution and then around the world.

» 4/3/12: The Many Appetites for Cruelty
Daniel Greenfield, during an interview on Jamie Glasov’s radio show on March 28th, was discussing Hitler and Stalin when he noted that they had an “appetite for cruelty.” That got me thinking about the nature and purpose of cruelty.

» 3/28/12: The Court's Mock Examination of Obamacare
Justice Antonin Scalia enunciated the most relevant, but less than scintillating exchanges between the Court and Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in the second day of the Supreme Court’s review of the constitutionality – or its unconstitutionality – of the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, nicknamed “Obamacare.”

» 3/25/2012: Islamic Jihad: Hurry Up or Wait?
I would liken Islam to an ideological Black Death that must be faced up to by politicians and intellectuals. There's no such thing as a "benign" Islam. It is a death-worshipping ideology from top to bottom. And the only way to emasculate it is to repudiate it in its entirety.

» 3/21/2012: Allah's Oops!
Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, a chaotic and bewildering novel which earned him a permanent death fatwa by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in February 1989, will attend a literary conference in New Delhi, India in March, in defiance of Islamic naysayers. We can credit him with the defiance, but not his oeuvre with literary worth.

» 3/19/2012: The 'False Alarm' of the latest Executive Order
Previously, I have written about the ambiguous language in certain sections of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (NDAA), language that could authorize the warrantless arrests of American citizens for cocking a snook at the government and treating said citizens as enemy combatants or prisoners of war subject to indefinite detention in conditions less salubrious than those enjoyed by actual enemy combatants now housed in Gitmo.

» If H.R. 1592 is made law, mind what you say about anyone. Better yet, don’t even think of saying anything.

» A Democratic bill seeks to squeeze the last shred of meaning from the First Amendment.

» Academic freedom means tolerating opposing views and countering them with reason and facts.

» No one has a right to bar anyone who seeks to peacefully discuss his or her ideas from speaking at George Mason.

» Why don't see much in the way of "moderate" Muslims opposing "extremist" Muslims?

» 11/20/06: Turning the Marines into Missionaries
» 10/31/06: Hope for a 'Do-Nothing' Congress
» 10/24/06: The Failure of 'Flags of Our Fathers'
10/24/06: Sparrowhawk: Wings of Praise
10/13/06: Golden Genes
» 10/11/06: Nobel Prizes in Nullity
» 10/7/06: Medals for Mendacity
» 9/20/06: The Janus Face of Islam
9/14/06: The Pathetic 'Path to 9/11'
» 9/11/06: Avenge September 11th
9/11/06: Taking Islam Seriously
» 9/09/06: 9/11: Taking it Personally
» 8/29/06: A Disgraceful 'Détente'
» 8/15/06: The Fascists in our Midst
» 8/07/06: Our Islamic Nemesis, Then and Now
7/31/06: On Fanatics and Delusional Minds
7/27/06: Sparrowhawk: Observations of a Book Signer
» 7/20/06: Sparrowhawk: Lacunæ and Artistic License
» 7/19/06: Sparrowhawk: Some Stones of Style
» 7/15/06: Sparrowhawk: The Project
7/14/06: The Force is with them
» 7/13/06: Microsoft's surrender
» 6/16/06: Bill Gates—alias George Bailey, alias Mitchell Layton
5/26/06: The Trolls of Drollery
5/13/06: How to deter the United States
» 5/12/06: My Mom's invaluable lesson
» 5/5/06: Anti-'price-gouging' regulation not worth the cost
» 3/03/06: Standing up to Kelo, but Surrendering to Jihad
2/17/06: A Leaden Silence on the Islamic Threat to Free Speech
» 2/9/06: The Myth of the 'Moderate' Muslim
2/6/06: The Muslims' New Program for Thought Control
» 2/5/06: Recreating the Spirit of '76
1/26/06: Where Science Ends and Faith Begins
10/09/04: Understanding the Impotence of the Conservatives
» 4/23/04: The Threat of Bush’s Faith-based America
» 1/29/04: Who Will Lead the War on Altruism?
» 10/09/04: Understanding the Impotence of the Conservatives
» 04/23/04: The Threat of Bush’s Faith-based America
» 01/29/04: Who Will Lead the War on Altruism?
» 01/23/04: The Philosophic Sate of the Union
» 01/16/04: Spaced Out
» 10/07/03: Sacrificing Business for Political Gain
» 4/29/03: CAC Chairman Takes on Republican Fundraising Survey
» 4/24/03: Rick Santorum’s Moral Outrage
» 3/14/03: Country Fried Dixie Chicks
» 2/17/03: The Adams Family
» 2/13/03: The Libertarian Anti-Manifesto
» 2/1/03: Hail Columbia
» 1/25/03: Jenny from the Block
» 1/23/03: All the Rights but One
» 1/20/03: Colin Powell Must Resign
» 1/7/03: Democracy for Democracy's Sake
» 12/31/02: Reason, Not Pretense Needed in Cloning Debate
» 12/30/02: Patty Murray's Admission of Ignorance
» 12/20/02: Lott's Resignation: Now the Real Work Begins
» 12/19/02: Faith is Not Enough
» 12/18/02: Racism in America, then and now
» 12/11/02: The Implosion of the Republican Party
» 12/10/02: When saying "I'm sorry" is not enough
» 12/6/02: Majority Leader Lott Must Go
» 12/5/02: The Conservative Cult of Human Sacrifice
» 11/3/02: Q&A on the Ethics of Christianity v. Capitalism
» 10/10/02: A Cycle of Injustice
» 10/3/02: The Canadian Government vs. Free Speech
» 9/30/02: Your Freedom Ends Where My Property Begins
» 9/27/02: Protesters Demonstrate the Anti-Capitalist Mentality
» 9/24/02: West Nile Virus: The Environmentalist Epidemic
» 9/17/02: The Future of our Freedom
» 9/16/02: GE's Jack Welch Caves In
» 9/9/02: Judge, Be Judged, and Act Accordingly
» 9/5/02: An America-Free 9/11 Commemoration
» 9/3/02: What to Do About Vagrants?
» 8/5/02: What's in a Name: "Moral Defense" Becomes "Advancement"
» 7/24/02: Our National Nightmare is Over—Or is It?
» 7/4/02: The Spirit of '76
» 6/18/02: Against All Instincts, CAC Chairman Takes GOP Survey
» 6/14/02: The President's Call for Human Sacrifice
» 6/6/02: Tainted Facts from a Tainted Well

» 6/6/03: Antitrust and Amateurism: The NCAA's Dangerous Combination
» 4/14/03: Capitalism triumphs at Augusta National
» 3/18/03: Burk's Fight Should be Cancelled
» 1/31/03: Title IX Discriminates Against Achievement
» 1/1/03: The NFL's Race Problem
» 8/30/02: Striking Out Defending Antitrust
» 8/9/02: USGA Should Give Club Makers a Mulligan
» 7/22/02: Race, Class, Sex & Tiger


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